Home and Property Owner Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: When I go to sell my house what do I need to tell a buyer?

A: Disclose everything you know that is a deficient item and any repairs you have made.

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Q: When I sell my house do I have to repair everything on the buyer’s inspection report?

A: No. You should allow the buyers to decide what they want to negotiate with you to have repaired. Their desires may vary from what you would want to have repaired.

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Q: What kind of electrical hazards are present in a home?

A: Look for any breakers that trip, signs of burnt or smoked cover plates on receptacles and switches. Do dimmer switches overheat? Do you smell a burning odor? Do lights flicker on and off? Any unusual smell or sense observed, you should call an electrician to review further.

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Q: What do I need to know about clothes dryer safety?

A: Clothes dryer vents can be hazardous. These vents should be cleaned regularly to prevent fires. If you dryer takes longer than usual to dry a load of clothes, you need to have the vent pipes cleaned.

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Q: What is the essential difference between home construction and home inspection as distinct professional practices?

A: Home construction is the actual building process for the property. Home inspection is having the home inspected in accordance to the TREC standard of practice, which is a very long and multiple item or system inspection process.

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