"You Are Not Going To Believe This" - nightmare pictures from inspectors

Don't let this happen to you!

And the house said get out!

Best outlet location ever

Cable Blowout

Disposal Attachment

Double Trapped

Dryer lint in attic

Gotta watch those sellers

Furnace venting fire hazard

Hole in the roof

Lightning did this through the metal fireplace flue

Whole house umbrella needed

No trap.  Let the sewer gases roll

Overheated box

Overheated box makes good nesting place

Plumber on something?

Wooden overflow pan

Ran out of brick

Rubber roof jack

Sagging brick

Sewage gases vent into attic


Waiting on a good stiff breeze

Stable and good pool too

The house that would not drain

Water pipes ready to rupture

Vanity sink on shaky ground

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