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Average Service Life of System Components 

The National Association of Home Builders published the following list. The represents that maximum number of years you can reasonably expect various components of your home to last, as determined by a comprehensive survey of manufacturers, trade associations and researchers. Life expectancy may vary greatly depending on quality of materials, installation, maintenance, environmental factors and use. Inspectors only reports on conditions at the time of the inspection and does not warrant the life expectancy of homes or their components with the exception of roof life.

Dishwashers 10
Microwave 11
Gas range 19
Electric range 17
Cast iron bath tub 50
Fiberglass tub 10-15
Electric water heater 14
Gas water heater 11-13
Ceramic tile countertop 10-15
Laminated countertop 10-15
Exterior door with overhang 80-100
Garage door opener 10
Waterproofing sealer 1-5
Waterproofing silicone 1-5
Waterproofing waxes 1-5
Wall and trim paint 5-10
Exterior paint 7-10
Washer 13
Dryer 14
Refrigerator 17
Wallpaper 7
Carpet 11
Galvanized ducts 30
Plastic ducts 15
Wood decks 15
Swimming pool 18
Brick wall 100+
Stone wall 100+
Gravel walk 4
Concrete walk 24
Asphalt shingle roof 15-30
Shake roof 15-30
Slate roof 50-100
Gutters 30
Vinyl siding 50
Aluminum siding 20-50
Wood siding 10-100
Drywall 30-70
Boilers 30
Gas/oil fired furnace 18
Heat pump 15
Central air conditioning 15
Pumps, sumps and well 10
Concrete block foundation 100
Poured concrete foundation 200